A Tribute to John Wayne

Mike pays a tribute an Great patriotic actor/legend-John Wayne. John Wayne was a great Actor. Wayne won the Oscar for True Grit(1969) and starred in The Searchers(one of Mike’s all-time favorite movies) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance was a great movie too. John Wayne had a very warm persona in his movies, like in the excellent Donovan’s Reef and Hatari, Wayne was a archconservative and was so outspoken against Communism that Joseph Stalin ordered “The Duke” assassinated. Wayne was honored The Congressional Medal of Honor in 1980 and starred in The Longest Day and Stagecoach(2 classics). John Ford, arguably the greatest Director ever had Wayne as a frequent star. John Wayne-The Duke(1909-1979) in 2012 was more popular a star than George Clooney.

Mike’s Super Tuesday Show

Today, March 6th is Super Tuesday, The best way for Republicans to get Obama re-elected is to vote for Rick Santorum in the pramries! Mitt Romney is the ONLY candidate who can beat Obama! Every poll or analyst, wheteher it’s Dick Morris, Karl Rove or any reputable source agrees. ObamaCare, The Supreme Court, Iranian nuclear threats, and the wretched economy under Obama hangs in the balance in this Election! Which candidate you like best is 100% unimportant-put the Country’s needs above your feeling good! Independents-please do the same. Obama supporters-stop being in denial-OBAMA IS A DANGEROUS ONE MAN WRECKING CREW! Vote for Mitt Romney if you care about this great Country!

Mike Debates the role of U.S. Foreign Policy with a Left-Winger

The ultimate debate on U.S. Foreign Policy! Ultra-Conservative Mike Essen believes The Vietnam War was a necessary war, as well as The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, believes we should strike Iranian nuclear facilities, but opposed The War in Libya-Ultra Liberal Jack Lieberman disagrees with Mike on all of those issues! Buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ultimate debate!!!

A Tribute to Dwight Eisenhower

Mike pays a tribute to the 34th President of the United States. Mack Teasley, who is the Executive Director of The Eisenhower Foundation talks about Eienhower’s accomplishments, which include-Creating NASA and The Interstate Highway System, Eisenhower has a major role in stopping the advancement of worldwide communism, was a civil-rights hero, his Economic Record and acheivments in advancing Social Secuirty wre amazing and he brought down a viscious Senator named Joe McCarthy-who did the Anti-Communist cause more harm than good-You do not want to miss this tribute to this great hero!

No Women in Combat

The headline states Mike’s position on this issue. Mike debunks The leftist lie that says Women in Combat works in Israel, Mike argues that men cannot emotionally deal with it and by far the strongest reason against Women in Combat is the issue of rape! 30% of U.S. female soldiers are raped in combat-tune in