Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action is a policy in which a less qualified minority gets hired over a more qualified white person. Not only is it flat-out discriminaton, which is a sick, unfair dream-destroying policy in its own right. But it’s worse for someone who needs any kind of prefessional services to have a less qualified person in charge-success is crucial. The justification for rhis policy is to make up for past-discrimination(there is no way you can undo what already happened) and to even the playing field-Hey guys, theres something called a lawsuit and theres also something called an attorney-do the math

No Women in Combat

The headline states Mike’s position on this issue. Mike debunks The leftist lie that says Women in Combat works in Israel, Mike argues that men cannot emotionally deal with it and by far the strongest reason against Women in Combat is the issue of rape! 30% of U.S. female soldiers are raped in combat-tune in

The Case for Conservative Foreign Policy

The conservative foreign policy position is-The ONLY reason to ever invade anorther country is if vital U.S. interests are at stake, or we would be everywhere all of the time. We should have bombed the tracks from the trains that went to Nazi-Death camps in WW2(NO descriptions of what went on in Nazi-Death camps are discussed on this podcast), but Mike explains why that is not inconsistent with conservative foreign policy. Listen to Mike make the case for conservative foreign policy

A Tribute to Jesse Helms

Mike’s podcast is a tribute to the greatest conservative who ever lived, and the greatest elected official as well-Former U.S. Senator-Jesse Helms! Mike discusses Helms’ legacy with Brian Rogers, who is the Chief Operating Officer for The Jesse Helms Center. Due to slighty lower volume, due to slight recording difficulties – please turn the speakers louder (how much louder depends on your computer) – but you WILL be able to hear a very special show!