The Passion of The Christ, The Last Temptation of Christ and religious bigotry

This is the 8th anniversary of the release of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of The Christ” which I still give 4 stars to, and the anti-Semetic charges are absurd. The Last Temptation of Christ was a controversial film when it was released in 1988-I saw 30 minutes of it on Netfix, due to the fact that its a incompetent, laughable film(Please do not see it) some leftist critcs admitted they endorsed it solely because Christian Fundamentalists opposed it and theres other religious bigotry Mike explains in this Podcast where will hear a non-Christian come to the defense of bigotry against Christians

Mike’s role as one of the very few conservative film critics

Everyone knows how left-wing movie stars are, even more left-wing than movie stars are the movie critics, Mike is only one of 3 to the best of Mike’s knowledge-who are conservative movie critics(Michael Medved and Kyle Smith, being the other two). Mike gives examples of movies despite left-wing messages-were good movies according to Mike, and as Mike promised-The podcast review of October Baby