About Mike Essen

Michael Jay “Mike” Essen is an arch conservative pundit, movie critic and Internet radio talk show host in Miami, Florida. Mike has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs and co-hosted “The Steve Kane Show” with Brian Craig for six years. He currently hosts his own Internet podcast, “The Mike Essen Show”.

A skilled debater and opinionated commentator on social change, he is the show host and can regularly be heard on, “The Mike Essen Show”, where he has continuously hosted interviews, debates and commentary since the shows inception in 2007.

Mike’s style is robust and informative. His comments are direct and too the point. In interviews he has a knack for asking, ‘The Right Questions”. Some important past guests that Mike has interviewed on his show include: Former U.S. Congressman Colonel Allen West, conservative icon and American hero Phyllis Schlafly, Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) Jordan Sekulow, former mayor of Miami Xavier Suarez and best selling author Jay Richards

Mike has been a Miami, Florida resident for over 30 years, is politically and socially active in the community and always ready for a good debate.